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Premium dental service

Beautiful, natural smile and beautiful teeth are an overall accepted standard today. New trends, business and private reasons, and the desire to be more successful make us strive for perfection.

Neglected teeth might lead to different complications and shorten the length of one’s teeth life span. Therefore, besides the aesthetic aspect of teeth, one should take care of their functional aspect too.

Our dental team is recognized by the professionalism and expertise, which will make you feel safe. On the other hand, the warm and friendly approach will make your fears disappear from the first contact.

Quality based on tradition and professionalism

We use the latest dental methods and techniques in our clinic. The approach to each patient is individual and tailored to the needs and wishes of the patients. The patient is on the first place in our dental office, from the consultation, treatment and until the final recovery.

Our wish is for the patients to actively participate in the choice of the best possible solution for their problem, together with our expert dental team. It is a standard procedure in our clinic to make several optimal options for the patients, depending on each individual situation and possible solutions. The dentist and the patient then choose the most appropriate solution for the patient.

Our office is as a part of exclusive center specialized for cosmetic surgery

Our dental office is part of the unique cosmetic surgery center, in the exclusive part of Zagreb, in Sestine, Mlinovi Street. In order to make it easier for our patients to come here, we have a large parking lot. This way, the patients who arrive in their cars don’t have to worry about finding or paying for the parking space. Our patient’s cars are safe and sound on our parking lot.

As a part of the exclusive center, there is a renowned Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Dr Toncic. The convenience of the evident symbiosis of cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dentistry is in the favorable combination of dental procedure and cosmetic surgery procedure. This feasible combination makes constantly rising aesthetic demands possible. Therefore, if the situation requires, we can offer multidisciplinary solutions to our patients’ problems. Such cooperation further highlights the quality of our services.

For more complex procedures in dentistry – like implantology or oral surgery, there are two fully equipped operation rooms available. There is also a medical doctor – expert anesthesiologist who monitors the patients throughout the procedures, and either local or local sedation with IV.

Our concept

Regarding the quality and the extent of dental work – it should be emphasized that almost everything is possible.

Our attitude is aimed at making the patients' wishes and expectations come true, whenever possible. Years of experience, cooperation with top notch dental laboratories and technicians, advanced materials and continual education are our main allies. Due to the demands and expectations we deal with in our work, we aim for more than just basic criteria of standards. On the contrary, we go for the highest standards of quality, being ready to move their boundaries.

We successfully perform procedures related to dental prophylaxis, pediatric dentistry, endodontics, orthodontics, oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry, as well as the most demanding treatments and procedures pertaining to dental prosthetics and dental implantology.

There are different types of material to work with in dental prosthetics. Depending on the medical indication and patient’s wishes, we choose the most appropriate dental material. On the top of the list there are Cercon ceramic (porcelain) crowns, which have proven to be brilliant in all spheres: aesthetics, functionality, biocompatibility.

In case the patient undergoes extensive dental work, we are especially dedicated to make the complete dental process as comfortable as possible. Throughout the dental treatment, it is imperative the patient has the teeth all the time. Therefore, we provide a patient with temporary teeth, which enable the patient to have normal and continual everyday activities. Furthermore, all of the procedures are painless, due to careful approach and experience in anesthesiology. All of these advantages combined make the patient feel comfortable in our dental studio.

In our dental studio, the patient is always on the first place

We have adjusted to the needs of our patients not only in medical and dental segment, but also in organization and financial services.

Our staff and professional dental team are glad to help you in all the steps of the way, from your first inquiry. We are fluent in English, and our patients can contact us through phone or email.
Consultation and surgery dates are set as soon as possible or booked well in advance, following our patient’s preferences.

We are looking forward to your email or phone call, and they are here for you for expert advice and professional cosmetic dentistry service.

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Dental studio Dr. Toncic

Mlinovi 159 a
10 000 Zagreb

tel.: +385 1 461 88 88
fax : +385 1 463 78 01

skype: dr_toncic

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